Autonomous Water-less Cleaning Robot

Airtouch provides a holistic smart panel cleaning solution that responds to the PV field owner’s need for a seamless system that does the job with no hassle to the field owner or operator.

Our innovative patent pending technology combines 3 main features all in one movement:
Powerful Wind Blowing

Powerful Wind Blowing Removing heavy soiling particles touch free, enabling more efficient cleaning while protecting the panels’ ARC.

Automatic Self-Cleaning

Automatic Self-Cleaning Avoiding accumulation of particles on dust wipers in process of cleaning.

Fine Microfiber Dust Wipers

Fine Microfiber Dust Wipers Gently removing any remaining soling particles.

Top-Level Cleaning Results

Top-Level Cleaning Results

Airtouch utilizes microfiber wipes, known and tested as the ultimate means for glass surface cleaning. This combined with Airtouch’s innovative technology of powerful wind-blowing of the soiling particles, makes our cleaning results unmatched.

With daily autonomous cleaning routine, Airtouch removes over 99% of soiling making energy production losses due to soiling a problem of the past.

Keeping Your Panel Safe

Micro scratches of the ARC coating occurs both in manual and mechanical solutions. Airtouch’s solution enables daily cleaning with close to zero harm to the panels over the lifetime of the project. Combining the removal of heavy soiling particles by touch-free powerful wind gust, followed by fine microfiber wipes to remove remaining particles results in the safest and most gentle dry cleaning method.

Airtouch’s robot was tested by the world leading independent laboratory of PI Berlin under rigorous test protocol simulating 20 years of cleaning and achieved unmatched results for panel protection showing no influence on panels’ performance and no glass damage. Making the Airtouch solution fully acceptable by banks and financial institutions.

Minimizing Micro

Superb panel

Tested by
PI Berlin

Perfectly Designed, Smartly Engineered

Light weight balanced system allowing smooth movement on panel’s frame

Up to 9,600 sqf. of panels per 10 minutes

30.000 sqf. of panels with just a 3 lb. battery

Perfectly Designed, Smartly Engineere

Simple and Durable

Airtouch’s robot was carefully designed to require minimized number of subsystems thus reducing potential failure points, improving MTBF and maximizing longevity.

Providing a solid system to last the solar project’s life cycle in the harshest environmental conditions with no degradation.

Long life battery within (Life PO4)

Top-notch components

Simplified system. Less points of failure

No UV exposed components

Smart and Smooth

Smart and Smooth

Airtouch’s high-end dedicated control system enables the robot to move smoothly along the panels’ table sensing any change in the table/panel movement, outdoor condition and even loose screws. Together with our deep learning integrated software we can predict problems in advance and reduce dramatically failure rate.

A sophisticated Sub-Giga Lora One communication system is embedded in each robot, allowing the robots to communicate freely with the center up to 1km distance. Eliminating the need, in any field size, for high communication towers, and eliminating miss-communication in harsh weather conditions.

Our communication system can work in 1 sq Km field with one 4 meters tower.