Our mission at Air-Touch is to keep improving the solar eco system by providing solutions to key problems. Together with high investment from the solar community, we strive to bring a bright future to solar energy as the most efficient, clean and valuable source of energy.

In Airtouch we focus not only on cutting edge technology but also on the overall value to the solar field owners & developers. We are always sensitive to ensuring our technologies’ cost benefit. The end game is to bring the owner an excellent solution which is also an investment opportunity improving IRR / EIRR substantially thereby contributing to more solar energy around the globe.

Following years of R&D, we are glad to present the AT robotic cleaning solutions. An economic solution, promising topmost cleaning results in a fully automated manner, freeing client from management attention and packaged with a full maintenance program.

we think big

We Think Big

Solar energy is expected to hit 40% of total energy production in sunny countries by 2030. This is an earthquake to the 100 years of turbine dominance. A huge change. With PV solar installations expected to hit several thousands of GW by 2030, entailing close to 10 Billion panels to clean, each many times a year, to eliminate up to 30% loss in annual yield due to soiling – manual and mechanical procedures will not be able to manage the magnitude in terms of cost, management attention, labor and water consumption.

The market will need to change its course to the water-free, autonomous, robotic cleaning solution.  We in Airtouch built our team with an excellent skill set in vision, machine learning , IOT, robotics and mechanical engineering to answer smartly those needs. Making dust and soiling a problem of the past, while improving the owner’s ROI and ensuring solar energy market’s continued growth.

We are loyal to our principals

Maximizing efficiency while saving the world from consuming high polluting materials is a key value in our company. True to our values, in the AT products we, lowered the amount of steel used by 40% relative to alternative solutions, reduced the amount of batteries needed,  selected a long lasting battery with 6 times the normal lead-acid lifetime and utilize long life-time motors.

Ingenuity in Simplicity

We invest in R&D to bring about simple solutions that yield maximum value with as less material and complexity as possible. Our engineers are always targeting excelling products with less material, less moving parts, less motors and less energy consumption – this to bring our products to minimizing points of failure, minimum foot print and minimum infrastructure needed. It takes longer to achieve, it takes intensive R&D, but it is true to our values and better for our clients.

Airtouch is proud to say that our top-notch team lived up to the mission! AT 3.0 is a simple system based on very innovative technology and composing reduced amount of materials and components by more than 50% relative to our competition.

we think big