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Air Touch 3.0 Passes PI Berlin Evaluation with Flying Colors

May 3, 2018 – Air Touch 3.0 completed accelerated testing simulating daily cleaning over 20 years with JA Solar and Jinko Solar modules at the world renown laboratories of PI Berlin AG, receiving the highest – Class A -product grade.

“Taking into consideration the long application period and high amount of cleaning cycles these results are also considered as very good.” (PI Berlin Report at p.6)

“The in-depth visual inspection has shown that no glass damage (e.g. scratches, dullness or traces of wheels) due to the cleaning procedure could be recognized… After 20 years of cleaning simulation, the ARC does not show any recognizable changes.” (Report at p.22) The before and after comparison of the EL (Electroluminescence) results shows that for both tested modules no changes can be observed.” (PI Berlin Report at p. 22).